Michael Shoup

"Leave The Ground" by Michael Shoup and Paul Shearer
Song-A-Week, April 26 2011 

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Welcome to the fifth episode of Song-A-Week!

This week, I got to co-write and collaborate with Paul Shearer who Produced my latest record, “Learning How To Live.”  It was certainly nice to get back into comfortable harmonic ground, and I think you’ll see [hear] the superb polish that Paul brings to a song.

Big thanks to Chelsea for helping shoot this week!

Lyrics and Tech details below!



She tells herself this is the last time
Like a hundred times before
She builds a house and hides it inside
But it keeps knocking down the door

It turns her somedays into maybes
It turns her maybes into doubt
She runs away into tomorrow
But today’s her only one way out

So, Take one step to the edge now
Eyes closed, holding your breath
You fall, you fall
Heart pounds out of your chest but
Can’t stop, can’t take a rest
You fall, you fall down
Can’t fly until you leave the ground

Paralyzed she keeps her feet down
Afraid to let go of her pride
She knows she’s running out of time now
Just gotta spread her wings and learn to fly


Can’t fly until you leave the ground
Gotta start out lost so you’ll be found
Can’t fly until you leave the ground



Shot with an iPhone 4 using an Owle Bubo. Editing done in Final Cut Pro and extra audio editing in Logic by Mr. Paul Shearer.

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