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the boysIt’s been a crazy trip so far.  Granted, opening up for the Stone Temple Pilots, I guess that’s to be expected.  Now at least it’s confirmed!  I now understand the power of catering.  It has been the life blood of the last few days. Nothing solves a bad mood from being cramped on an RV like a home cooked meal and cheesecake!

Right now I’m riding in the RV on the way to Dallas for the last show we’ll be opening on this run.  It’ll be a little sad to not keep going with these guys, as Robert and Dean Deleo of STP have been ridiculously cool to all of us in the band. However, I’m sure all of us will be happy to be home back in our own beds.

Below’s a little run down of what the last few days have been like.  I even got to grab a couple videos.  Enjoy!

~ michael

A bunch of old Belmont buds and I are supporting a Country Singer named Tommy Joe Wilson this weekend in Texas. We’ll be opening for the Stone Temple Pilots in San Atonio, Houston, and Dallas.  Somehow, I have a feeling more videos like this may appear…